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Test Filter for results and handle error is 0 records

I am running a filter on a binding source with the following code. I am getting an error is the search value has no record and can not resolve it:

 CustomerBindingSource.Filter = String.Format("Firstname Like '{0}%' or lastname like '{0}%' or CustCode Like'{0}%'", searchValue)

The filter works, but as soon as you type "oienceoicvnwevoiwn" it errors due to no record being found and the bindingsource = 0

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Hi @RyanLashway-3274 ,
Based on the information you provided, it is difficult to reproduce your problem.
Please provide more information, such as the error message you get, your test case code, etc.

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Hi @RyanLashway-3274 ,
May I know if you have got any chance to check my reply? It will be great if you can share more detailed information for us to better investigate this issue. Thanks for your cooperation.

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