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Azure Database Migration Service

I am trying to set up Azure Database Migration Service..
Whenever I am trying to create new migration project after entering details such as Project name , Source Server Type, Target Server Type and Migration activity type, the button below "Create" is being displayed as disabled to me.
I am not able to click on that button.
Does any one know the reason behind that ?

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Hi, @sappusolanki-6708 Thanks for the question and for using the MS Q&A platform.
As we understand the ask here is you are trying to create a new project in Azure Database Migration Service and you noticed the creat button is disabled.

Can you tell me what is the source and target type you are selecting? also could you please share some screenshots of the issue you are facing?


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Issue is resolved now , I was not using premium tier DMS service hence it was causing an issue.

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@sappusolanki-6708 Good to know that your issue is resolved Thanks for sharing the information.
Thank you for visiting the Microsoft QA forums! Have a great day!

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