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What is the NAT rule limit for VPN Gateway in Virtual WAN?

I understand from the VPN Gateway documentation that the NAT rule limit is 100 (combined Ingress, Egress SNAT). Does that limit also apply to VPN Gateway within Virtual WAN? We're using this configuration to get past the limitation of 100 Site-To-Site tunnels, and if we get to half of that, we'd quickly run out of 100 NAT rules. If that limit still exists, is that hard-coded, or a quota that can be increased?

Note: our configuration does not control the IP address space of branch networks, we need to onboard them as they are.

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Through experimentation, I've found that the limit applies in VWAN as well. This is most likely going to cause problems. Is it possible to increase this limit?

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Hello @SteveDown, I have reached out to the team internally regarding this issue and will make an update here as soon as I get a response. Thank you!

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