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macOS/iOS SecKeyChain

I'm trying to access the keychain to get the installed certificates, but it always returns null, I don't see the option to enable KeyChain Info.plist, I don't see the entitlements.plist file in net maui.

I installed the pfx certificate on my macOS, but in the code output it says "item not found".

a custom provisioning profile is needed?

    SecRecord rec = new(SecKind.Certificate);
     SecStatusCode code;
     SecKeyChain.QueryAsRecord(rec, out code);
     NSData[] nsDatas = SecKeyChain.QueryAsData(rec, false, 999, out code);

     if (nsDatas != null)
         foreach (NSData item in nsDatas)

             X509Certificate2 cert = new X509Certificate2(item.ToArray());

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Removed the dotnet-xamarin tag since your question is about MAUI

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Hi @Angelru-4290, I found you have asked this question at, you could follow the progress.

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This same code with a non-maui application retrieves the certificates installed on my mac, but in maui the SecStatusCode is ItemNotFound, am I missing something? i'm stuck at work right now.

can someone tell me why?

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Hi @Angelru-4290, Mac Catalyst apps only have access to the data protection keychain, you could check the updates here :

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