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Add HSTS headers to Traffic Manager Base Address response


How do we go about implementing HSTS headers in our traffic manager base address endpoint? We are currently using the traffic manager to load balance and direct traffic to different regions. The endpoints being redirected to are able to implement HSTS headers in the code but we are having trouble adding those to the traffic manager base address endpoint itself (DNS name in Azure portal). Any advice on how to go about this?


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Hello @ObiMichael-9685, welcome to the Microsoft Q&A forum.

I am not sure if I understood the question correctly but as explained in How Traffic Manager Works, Traffic Manager works at the DNS level. It uses DNS responses to direct clients to the appropriate service endpoint. Clients then connect to the service endpoint directly, not through Traffic Manager. Traffic Manager doesn’t see HTTP traffic between client and server. Therefore, any HTTP error you see must be coming from your application. For the client to connect to the application, all DNS resolution steps are complete. That includes any interaction that Traffic Manager has on the application traffic flow.

Can you please elaborate more on your set-up? this might help us to better understand the question. Thank you!

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