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Web App Services Restarting Regularly Today

Has anyone else seen their app services restarting regularly today?

Across multiple different organizations and completely different apps I am seeing 4 or 5 recurring restarts anywhere from 2 to 6 hours apart.

Any reasons for this?

Thank you for any assistance!

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@JustinGriep-9858, Firstly, apologies you’re experiencing this issue.


To better assist you on this, in which region have you provisioned those WebApp(s)? What application framework are you leveraging? What subscription type are you using?

  1. You may leverage App Service diagnostics from Azure Portal> Navigate to your App Service app in the Azure Portal.

  • >> In the left navigation, click on Diagnose and solve problems and “Availability and Performance”. You can review “Web App down” and “Web App Restarted” options. ( to fetch more details) | [screenshot below]

In most cases unexpected restart could happen due to unhandled exceptions originating in the chosen application framework (such as Python, Asp.Net, PHP etc.) and/or the application code.

2.If you haven’t checked the Service Health dashboard, please follow these steps:
- >>provides personalized alerts and guidance when Azure service issues affect you. It can notify you, help you understand the impact of issues, and keep you updated as the issue resolves.

3.You may enable logs from Azure Portal (App Service logs blade) to fetch more pointers on the error. You may enable these logs– Application logging, Web Server logging, Detailed Error Messages

-->>Kindly checkout the process here - >>Enable diagnostics logging for apps in Azure App Service

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Additionally, review for these settings -
Auto-healing - you can auto detect certain conditions and automatically recover/restart. Auto Heal feature which allows you to configure limits on your Web App for request count, slow requests, Http status codes, and memory usage.

Proactive Auto Heal, the Web App that is taking up a lot of memory for example, would be restarted. If you have multiple instances, only the one in the bad state would be restarted.

App Service Diagnostic - WebApp Restarted

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Thank you for the response.

None of the diagnostics returned any issues but it ceased happening after this post.

Potentially there were just multiple Azure App Service updates coming through.

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JustinGriep-9858, Thanks for the follow-up. Glad to know that the issue is resolved.

Once again apologies for the inconvenience with this issue. If you still have questions on this, please let me know for further insights/drill-down, I'll be more than happy to assist.

Just to highlight -
On the Azure portal, go to Home > Monitor > Service Health > Planned maintenance ( |Health History), here you can see all active (including upcoming or in-progress) notifications for the selected subscriptions. To make it easy to find App Service upgrade events, click Service box, check all App Service types and uncheck everything else. To see past notifications, navigate to Health history and filter Planned maintenance from the Health Event Type box. For more info ,see Setting up alerts

Much appreciate your patience.

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