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How do I control the display order of panels and menu strip?

Hello all. I am using VS 2019 with Windows 10.

I have a form where I added two panels. The first panel contains some UI elements and is docked to the top.

The second panel contain a tool strip and is also docked to the top.

When I run the app the form displays as expected.

Now I added a menu strip to the form. However, when I run the app now, the two panels display first and then the menu strip. I want the menu strip to display first, followed by the two panels.

I have tried undocking and manually moving the panels down and the menu strip up, but when I dock them again (to the Top), the panels end up displaying first, followed by the menu strip. Below is a small portion of the form so you can see how it is displaying.

How can I get the menu strip to display first? Thanks, Saga


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Try rearranging the components in the Document Outline window

You may find they are in the wrong order. Example shown below.


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Hello, thank you for this information. I was not familiar with the Doc Outline window. In fact, I really had to hunt for it. This looks like it is the correct way to control the display of UI elements on the form. Before I got your reply, I fiddled with the Format/Order Bring to Front/Send to Back options and got it to display the right, as seen in the image below.

Still, I opened the Document Outline and the menu strip is still after the two panels. I will try to explore this behavior in the near future, Again, thanks for your help! Saga


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You can move controls and controls by drag-n-dropping them into a new order.

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