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RecyclerView with GridLayoutManager: Scrolling Both Directions

I have a RecyclerView that uses a GridLayoutManager. The number of rows/columns will vary in different scenarios, all the elements that will be displayed are the same size, and I need to be able to scroll both vertically and horizontally. I have tried the following:

 this.rvPuzzle.SetLayoutManager(new SquareLayoutManager(this, this.Puzzle.ColumnCount, GridLayoutManager.Vertical, false));
 this.rvPuzzle.SetAdapter(new SquareAdapter(this.Puzzle.FlatSquares));

This makes the elements the correct height & vertically scrollable, but causes the elements to be horizontally cropped to fit them all on the screen (and therefore obviously not horizontally scrollable, since all columns are now visible). I tried creating a custom Layout Manager by inheriting from GridLayoutManager and overriding CanScrollHorizontally() & CanScrollVertically() as follows:

 public override bool CanScrollHorizontally() { return true; }
 public override bool CanScrollVertically() { return true; }

However, this did not make any difference. Is there any way to enable scrolling in both directions without an extra HorizontalScrollView and/or ScrollView?

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If you don't want to use HorizontalScrollView or ScrollView, you need to search and refer to FixedGridLayoutManager written by devunwired, and to implement it by C#.

Then you could use it as the RecyclerView's layout manager:

 FixedGridLayoutManager layoutManager = new FixedGridLayoutManager();
 layoutManager.setTotalColumnCount(adapter.getItemCount()); // This probably needs to update when item count is changed
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I have not heard from you for a couple of days. Please let me know if there is anything that I can help here.

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