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Visual Studio 2019 constantly freezing after build success - anybody else seen anything like this?

I'm experiencing constant hangs after successfully building my solution for an Unreal Engine 4 project.
Maybe 1 in every 3 builds, the build will complete successfully, then VS will completely freeze, GUI unresponsive etc.
I'm using VS 16.11.14.
The only extension I'm using is Visual Assist 10.9.2443.

So far I've tried the following:
Check out my entire repository in Perforce to make sure file permissions aren't messing with the build process.
Remove Windows Defender access to the folders where my project lives.
Disable Visual Assist before running VS.
Run VS in Administrator mode.

Nothing works. I'm still getting regular hangs of VS, ONLY after successful builds.
This destroys productivity, causes bugs in Unreal, and just generally makes the whole process of trying to be creatively productive a damned nightmare. I've even tried increasing the output verbosity to maximum to see if anything is getting picked up by VS but nothing useful is being printed in the Output Window.

Has anybody experienced anything like this?
Or does anybody have any general suggestions for things I haven't tried?
I would really appreciate some help, as I'm at my wits end with all of this.


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Hi @JackFrench-6808,

Thanks for taking time to report this problem with us. Since your question is more related to UE4, you could go to this forum for support.

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What are you talking about? My problem is that Visual Studio is constantly freezing when building. Why is this an Unreal Engine problem?

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Hi @JackFrench-6808,

If you create a project that is not related to UE4, the problem you mentioned still occurs, which means that the problem is related to VS, and the tag of the problem should belong to msbuild.

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Does it hang in case of both Debug and Release configurations?

Has anybody experienced anything like this?

Check a similar situation:

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