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"User Account Did Not Work" RD Client iOS to W11 Pro

I am trying to connect to my Windows 11 Pro PC via my iPhone 13 Pro iOS 15.4.1 RD Client (latest version 10.3.6). The client iPhone is connected to the same network as the host PC (and on the same subnet too).

When I use my admin account login credentials (aka my MS username (** and password), I get an error saying "The User Account Did Not Work"

Steps Taken

  • Made sure my login and password is correct.

  • Rebooted and made sure I logged into Windows using that same login and password on the host PC.

  • Checked all "Remote Desktop" settings in Windows to ensure it was enabled for (both Private and Public), the account is added to the access list, and the application is allowed in the Windows Defender firewall.

  • Forwarded the port in my router configuration, just in case.

I do have 2FA enabled via MS Authenticator on the MS account I use for Windows, in case that's relevant.

Any help is appreciated.

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