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How to Grant Service Principal read/write access To Azure SQL Relational Table

Can someone help me modify CDennig's bicep code that grants a Kubernetes pod service principal access to Cosmos DocumentDB

  1. to grant the service principal of an azure app service web app (instead of a Kubernetes pod service principal) and

  2. to grant access to an Azure SQL database table (instead of a comos db)?

I assume I would create role definitions and role assignments like CDennig does:

 resource roleDefinition 'Microsoft.DocumentDB/databaseAccounts/sqlRoleDefinitions@2021-06-15' = {
   name: '${cosmosDbAccountName}/${roleDefId}'
   properties: {
     roleName: roleDefName
     type: 'CustomRole'
     assignableScopes: [
     permissions: [
         dataActions: [

What data actions (lines 12 & 13) would I need for reading/writing/updating table in Azure SQL?

I want to grant the webapp's system assigned service principal access to an Azure SQL database table so I don't need to store connection strings or passwords (as per the Azure SQL security best practices).

A user assigned service principal (like CDennig uses) would be OK too... but I have not been able to make that work with cosmos db.

I would prefer to do it with bicep.



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@SiegfriedHeintze-9929 Sorry for the delay in response to your question.

Could you please open a support ticket so we can further look into this issue?
Let us know if you don't have a support plan.


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