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Unable to sign-in to Portal Azure.


I want to access but there's MFA Auth pop-up but I do not receive the request and it gets denied.
Now I have no clue why is this happening, because I am global admin and I have disabled MFA of the account. Still it prompts with MFA.

Can someone please suggest what steps to be taken?


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@EthanR-2598 • Please share the Request ID, Correlation ID, and Timestamp that you get along with the error when MFA gets denied. I will try to track that to identify which service is triggering MFA and you can take necessary actions to disable MFA.

If there is only one Global Admin and that is locked out, there is no other option than to open a support ticket. You will be required to provide some evidence of your ownership to the tenant and the data protection team can help unblock you after verifying the details you provide. As you can't access the Azure portal, you need to call at the customer service number for your country/region to open a support ticket.

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@EthanR-2598 • Following up on this.

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