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PowerBi auto refresh from SQL DB without userid and password

We have a PowerBI report with a auto refresh setup to fetch data from an Azure SQL DB. My question was whether there is any more secure way to to connect PowerBi Saas and my SQL DB without the use of userid and password? Is there a way to use Service principal/oAuth or something similar?

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Hi @ChandAnupamSBOBNGITARX-7207, welcome to Microsoft Q&A forum.

You can use Microsoft Account to authenticate using AAD authentication:

Support for Azure Active Directory authentication for Azure SQL Database & Data Warehouse connectors


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Isn't Microsoft User for a Person? I'm looking for refreshing the data/report automatically using a system credential(similar to Service Principal). Can you share documentation on how to create a Microsoft account for a system/service?

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I think we need to reach out to Power BI community that would be better place to answer these specific queries:

Microsoft Power BI Community

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