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MSIX of MAUI app does not installed on Window server 2019


I search MSIX supported-platforms like following thread, it support on following versions of Windows:

Windows 10, version 1709, and later.
Windows Server 2019 LTSC and later.
Windows Enterprise 2019 LTSC and later.
But is not working on Windows Server 2019 LTSC ?
What I need to do ?

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Is there an answer ?

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This is unlikely to be directly related to MSIX or MAUI. From your previous thread about Server 2012R2 you had an error installing the WinUI components on that platform, which is expected since the earliest WinUI support is in 1809.

Can you please provide exact details of what you are doing and in what way it fails on 2019? If there is an error message, what is it?
Do you have the Server Desktop Experience installed?
Do you have the WinUI runtime installed on your 2019 server? What version? Do other WinUI apps run correctly?

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Before I installed msix core the masix was not responsive.
After installed msix core i get error could not open the msix.
Server Desktop Experience => not installed can you give link to download if needed.
WinUI runtime installed on your 2019 server => not installed can you give link to download if needed.
Wait for your instructions.

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Do you have an answer?

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