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VM Creation Issue

Hello All

Could someone help me out please as I am having issue with creating new VMs, it give me below error and I have tried to change the locations but it still shows same error.

''/virtualMachines/Window10' is currently not available in location 'japaneast' zones''

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Hello, @GoharDar-5885!

This looks like it may be related to the sticky but it's hard to tell from your error. If you are having trouble creating a VM because the size is not available in your region, you'll want to check out the sticky for more details:

If this is something else, let us know so we can help you troubleshoot this.

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Hi Kobulloc
Thanks for your help.

Please see below screen, I have tried to select different region but it gives the same error for almost all of them.


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@GoharDar-5885, I'm going to reach out directly to get some additional information.

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Hello, @GoharDar-5885!

It looks like you are creating an Azure Spot instance which offers large discounts for using VMs in regions where there is unused capacity. Unfortunately there is currently a high demand for VMs in many regions which will make Spot Virtual Machines much more difficult to find. The sticky will offer more information on availability:

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