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Error creating large VHDX, as a local drive, in SMB share on NAS from Server 2012

I need to see the drive, as local drive, and not a SMB share. i used mklink to create a symbolic link to an smb share on a nas. using disk management i am creating a vhd. i have a 100tb nas. i created an smb share on the nas. i have a video server running Server 2012 R2, with a symbolic link to the share location. i am creating a 31tb vhdx. i select create vhd. select vhdx, the size and tb from the drop down. i select fixed size. then browse to select the location. when i click ok, the error dialog comes up saying there is not enough space. my nas is over 100tb, so space is not the issue. and the vhdx option says it supports up to 64tb, so why am i getting errors when creating a 31tb drive. i have tested using a 1tb and 3tb fixed vhdx, and it works as intended. I have tested with the 1tb and 3tb VHDX, and it works on both windows 10 and server 2012. ultimate goal is to create a local disk on the server for a long term storage location for video. this works great for the 1tb size drive.

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