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MS Edge capabilities, Assigned Access

I have two real time streaming cameras that need to be presented on two different monitors attached to the same system. Ideally I'd like to use MS's Kiosk mode (Assigned access) to do this simply to prevent unauthorized access. Since Assigned Access required MS Edge an HTML file directing the two streams to the different monitors is needed. As best as I can tell MS Edge does not offer the flags to designate which monitor gets what content. If I can't figure out how to do this using Edge then using Assigned Access is not feasible.

A mature browser, I'm finding it difficult to believe there is no way to accomplish this (Firefox and chrome can do this, but Assigned Access won't use those browsers).

How can an HTML file be used to open two instances of MS Edge, each to a different monitor?

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Hi @AllanJAshinoff-5533

Here're several things to be confirmed:

  1. Are you able to open multiple instances of MS Edge in Kiosk mode? If so, you can try dragging either of the windows or using "Windows logo key + Shift + Left arrow or Right arrow" to move a window in the desktop from one monitor to another.

  2. "an HTML file directing the two streams"
    Do you mean two hyperlinks on a single page directing to two live streams? I'm not quite sure about how you want it to work. Please provide more information of it.

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My speculation: Since Kiosk mode requires MS Edge and MS Edge requires and HTML file to execute its presentation a properly written HTML file should be able call two instances of MS Edge in Kiosk Mode. If the scripting for HTML is correct, MS Edge should be able to dictate what content (stream) goes to each attached monitor provided MS Edge possesses the needed scripting flags. I haven't been able to locate those flags as I have with firefox and chrome.

The Kiosk receiving one HTML file only needs to format the output.

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Hi @AllanJAshinoff-5533

The only way I can think of opening two instance of Edge in a html page is using, strWindowName, 'popup'); to open a modal dialog. You can check if this meets your demands.
Besides, what flags do you use which you say working in Chrome but not working Edge?

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Hi AllanJAshinoff-5533,

This is not natively achievable through Edge. It can be achieved through an experimental API called PresentationAPI. If you Google this, you will find much information. Unfortunately, I can’t link you to non-Microsoft pages on this forum.

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