I think my account was hacked

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Today, we were learning how to set up MFA for subscription account. To check if the MFA was working, I was trying to sign out myself from the account but there was an error which say that sorry we cannot sign you out and says the tenant was not found. I tried to sign in from incognito window, the time when I was putting my password it says that the password is incorrect, I tried it 2 to 3 times but the password doesn't matched, then I changed my password and can use my account in incognito and can easily sign in or out but still I could not sign out from the normal browser. I chat the azure support and he said to clear the cache, after clearing the cache, I could sign out and sign in easily with my new password, but I still have a question that why my old password was not working? I am worrying that someone hacked my account because recently a fraud happened to me, that the hacker has hacked someone's bank account and sent the funds in bank account, and today I have been asked by the bank that how the funds transferred in my bank account. I am studying Azure and made my free Azure portal 2 weeks ago and since I am logged in, I never logged out from my Azure portal and never used credentials which means I was logged in through my laptop. First of all I want to know that if my azure account was hacked or not, because it showed my password was incorrect as I mentioned above? secondly, Why the error comes up of "not signing me out and the tenant was not found", is it because of hacking or is it normal? Please reach me asap as I am worrying that if someone hacked my account and through my account hacked someone's bank account and sent the funds in my bank account then bank will definitely come to me for this act. Thanks

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    @Usman shabbir Thanks for reaching out to us. We do understand your concern. The error message "The tenant was not found" do come in some scenarios where there has been recent changes in credential and browser/ system caches tries to use the older passwords.

    The user name and password incorrect would mostly come in same scenario as well. This is normal for few scenarios (Error in typing, old creds cache), it does not necessarily shows that the account was hacked.

    Also while we are at this, it would be a great thing to actually enable the MFA on the account as you did mention learning about it. It would prevent any kind of unauthorized access and would be very difficult to hack it.

    Also it would be great, if you keep separate credential for other things like your bank and corp. Single password always have more risk.

    If you are an admin, it would really be great to have a look at this best practices from us and then implement this in your organization to prevent identity based attacks :


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