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RDP intermittently timing out every 15 seconds

I've been Working from home for about 2 years. Towards the end of last year I noticed an intermittent issue, some days when I'm connecting to work on the VPN via RDP the session will constantly time out every 15 seconds before reconnecting if the RPD isn't fullscreen. If it is fullscreen it times out every few minutes.

This only happens on certain days, but if it starts happening it won't stop at all that day. We have about 50 users WFH and I'm the only one who experiences this issue. If I download the remote desktop app from the Windows Store, this does not occur, only on the default Windows RDP.

The IT/Admin team at work have combed the settings and cannot find any reason why I would be the only colleague who experiences this issue. I've run a continual ping test to my host workstation while this is occurring and it shows no change when the timeout/reconnect happens.

Worth noting this might coincide with me upgrading to Windows 11. Also using Sky Broadband/Router.

Any help is appreciated.

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