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Windows 10 not opening network folders

As mentioned in the title, i can't acces my network folders on my PC. My PC is connected to the local network via WiFi and when i open my network in the explorer it shows the other computers, but i can't see it's folders. I have tried:

Adding the EnableLinkedConnections in the registry
Disableing/enablwing IPv6
Enableing network discovery and file sharing
among other things.

Yesterday we were able to establish a connection to one of the folders but only manually and for other folders that didn't work. When i diagnose the error windows throws me, it specifies that communication with the resource is not accepted or possible but my colleagues are able to access the networks with tout problems.

I would like to post some pictures, but i don't have the necessary reputation here.

Thanks for any help!

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Hello @ MurasalAhmed-2269

Are you using group policy to map shared folders ?
Was there any errors shown in the event logs? Application and service log -Microsoft-Windows-SMBClient

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