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I need help making my remote desktop work on my iphone

This is so stupid. I just spend over an hour talking to MS support. They all act like they want to help but support has become useless. Remote Desktop is a part of Windows software yet none of them are trained on how to assist with it.

I am trying to access my remote desktop connection using my iPhone and I have the Microsoft app downloaded but it says it can not connect. I can see my IP address but it says to make sure remote access is enabled. It says Error Code 0x204. Again I know my username and my IP address but it may have something to do with windows defender blocking it or port 3389 is not yet enabled. If anyone can help it would be great.

Thanks so much

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Your question is not clear. How did you configure your network or your PC? Is it on a LAN and you want to connect to it from outside? Or is your phone is on the same LAN with your PC/Server? How can you see the IP? What is the Windows version on the machine that you want to connect to?

Usually, if you are on the same network (LAN) and you want to connect to a PC running Windows 10, for example, you just need to allow RDC in the Windows firewall. The easiest way is to disable the firewall on the PC/Server (I assume that you have enabled Remote Desktop Connection on that machine and setting the security mode properly depending on your network configuration) .

In my case, to connect to my home PC from my iPhone, I have to enable Remote Desktop Connection and uncheck the Network Level Authentication (because I don't have network at home), on the router, I have to set port forwarding to 3389 port on my home PC and my phone connects easily. In this case, dynamic DNS is a must to allow to connect to home PC using a host name.

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