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Installer desepear when installing Visual Studio in win 10

Please help, i do all related solution without any good result.

Here is the log file:

Thanks in advanced

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Hi @RawiShanker-7377 , welcome to Microsoft Q&A forum. The log file you shared seems to be not exist or available anymore, could you share it again? Besides, do you use any anti-virus software? I suggest you try to reboot your machine and then reinstall VS, also please try to update all pending Updates of Windows OS.

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Hello @TianyuSun-MSFT, i dont have any antivirus in my system, here the log file, please help.!AhjWp2f8uLVQmS90L3G02OxXrBGQ?e=5Nh6e5

Thanks in advance

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Hi @RawiShanker-7377 , thanks for sharing me the log file. Looks like the bootstrapper stops while running in the progress of detecting the existing VS and .NET. Do you have full permission of your machine? Besides, are you using any proxy and is your machine included in a group policy?


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