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IaaS vs PaaS Performance aspect

Hello All,

Wanted some understanding w.r.t performance aspects in our migration initiative:

Current architecture:

Analysis server (on VM) {IaaS in North Europe} >>> PowerBI gateway (on VM) {IaaS in North Europe} >> PowerBI dataset/Dataflows ( US )

New Architecture :
We migrated the tabular models from IaaS to PaaS in Azure analysis service

Azure AS (North Europe) >> PowerBI dataset/Dataflows ( US )

Since the AAS is in cloud, there is no need of any gateway.

Based on my understanding the 2nd flow refresh should be much quicker but currently we are seeing that the refresh time taken in the 2nd flow is much more than the initial flow.

Note: The server configs in AAS is more than the current IaaS SSAS config and based on the logs in AAS, the query is getting executed within AAS in a span of 15 mins but the data movement from AAS to Powerbi is taking ~ 1hr.

Any reason why ?
Shouldnt cloud to cloud communication be much more faster than one via gateway and hosted on server.

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Hi @NandanHegde-7720,

It is pretty hard to tell the root cause why it would be slower for the new architecture, as the Power BI dataset/Dataflows may be impacted by a lot of aspects.

We may need to dig deeper to understand the reason.

Here is a blog that you may refer to the Power BI dataset refresh:




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