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Text to Speech does not play audio from Azure AppService

The application code runs correctly and without any errors. Even so, when executing the application from Azure AppService, the Text To Speech of Microsoft.CognitiveServices.Speech is not heard, however, when executing the program locally from Visual Studio, everything works and is heard perfectly.

What can this error be due to? I realised it could be a problem with the websockets, and although I activated the Web Socket option in the AppService configuration it still doesn't work.

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@miguelsances-3819 Have you noticed any specific error that can be shared? Is this a bot that is voice enabled and deployed to an app service or a web app deployed to app service?
Setting the web socket option is the most obvious reason for failure but for example, the error could be related to the underlying app service permissions platform like this issue raised by one user. It would be great if you could add details of an error or the sample you are following to run and check if this can replicated. Thanks!!

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