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Build Events Calendar for our company, what are the options beside creating it as SharePoint Calender

We are currently working on Planning our Company intranet. and inside the Intranet home page >> we are planning to show a calendar which show the Company Events.

One option we have is to create this Company Events Calendar as a SharePoint list and show it using the Event modern web part. But is there other approaches inside Office 365 to create such a calendar? that can be manage by certain users and viewed by all users + Embedded inside SharePoint?

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Hi @johnjohn-0472

From Exchange side, we could consider creating a shared mailbox Or a public folder mailbox to provide a shared calendar for organization using.

Use the shared calendar
Create a Public Folder calendar in Exchange Online Or detailed steps introduced here: Create a company Shared Calendar in Office 365

Then we can use the command to manage the calendar permission:
Add-MailboxFolderPermission And Set-MailboxFolderPermission

And for your requirement, show this calendar in your Intranet home page, I'm afraid this cannot be managed by Exchange side. You may still need to contact sharepoint side to get more suggestions.

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Hi @johnjohn-0472

Is there any update about your issue so far?

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