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Grouping call


I'd like to utilise the tool for consumer to consumer purpose to have both end users to communicate to each other.
I will provide 2 different URL to both end users (telehealth/user1 and telehealth/user2) and the URL will navigate them on to my web application.
I'd like them to talk to each other.
How could I merge or group their call in one session?

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Can I get some answers for this pls?

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Hi @matt-al-4005,

Thanks for the question. Apologies for the delay in response. Have you tried using 'groupId' based join in calling SDK? you can use

 join(GroupLocator, JoinCallOptions)

to join a group call

Hope that helps. Please let us know if you have further questions.


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Thanks for the reply @Grmacjon-MSFT

If I relate your answer to my question; considering that I will have 2 different URL to provide to end users such as telehealth/{ACSidentityId1}&groupId=1234 and telehealth/{ACSidentityId2}&groupId=1234 - would this enable 2 end users to join the same call considering that URL contains the same group Id ?


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