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Azure form recogniser multiple table extraction

Dear All,

When we use a Layout or Analyse with Python SDK, the results fetched are idx, accuracy, confidence etc(for table data). But there is no where mentioned about a procedure or a sample code on how to iterate through this data and append all those values spread across multiple tables into a single csv file output (leavealone the UI. But even the sample python codes fail to mention this).

For example if I have 12 page pdf document and there are tables in pages 4 to 8, the layout and analyse methods work fine in identifying those tables, confidence etc (in python). But how to iterate through this and append and then get the output as a single CSV.. please help

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@MICDAVID-2161 Yes, The samples do not provide a ready to use method to convert to csv but I have tried to provide my inputs for a similar question with regards to converting the response to CSV in one of the recent thread. I hope this could help to use this data to convert a JSON response to fields that can be appended to a CSV.

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