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Upload file using to Storage directly through APIM


I'm looking for a solution where I could upload a file directly to Azure Storage through APIM.

Kindly provide best practices and solutions.


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@PrasennaKannan-0682 May I know what exactly are you trying to accomplish? Can you please elaborate bit more on your query? Where do you want to upload files in Azure Storage(Blob, Files)?

Upload file using to Storage directly through APIM? May I know what exactly are you referring?

This article provides an overview of some of the common Azure data transfer solutions. The article also links out to recommended options depending on the network bandwidth in your environment and the size of the data you intend to transfer.

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I have Azure Blob Storage and a container. I have to upload a file to the container.

What I have tried :

1) Generate BLOB SAS URL and append the container name and the filename before ?sv as below.

2) Configure the above URL in Azure Backend URL in the APIM for a PUT operation.

3) Call the PUT operation method from PostMan.

This works fine. However, I would like to know an elegant solution to accomplish this.

My requirement : Uploading a file (max size would be 300MB) to Azure Blob Storage via APIM and not directly exposing the Storage URL to the client.

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