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Microsoft Defender web content filtering in Kiosk Mode

Hello Experts,

Need your help for this special kind of a requirement.

We have Microsoft Defender.

We are trying to test Web content filtering in Windows 10 machines.

Device type: Windows 10 with Kiosk mode..

Issue: We have Windows 10 OS installed in dual mode (C:\Drive and D: drive), One OS is enabled with Kiosk Mode where our Web content filtering is not working.. I mean even though we block some sites with defender, we can still access all blocked sites in Kiosk mode.

Other scenario tested already tested: Same web content is blocked in Dual OS installed Windows 10 Machine without Kiosk Mode.

Any ideas or help is much appreciated.

Thank you :)

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What browser are you using in the Kiosk mode?
Try exit from the Kiosk mode and try web content filtering and see if the problem persists?

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@RamS-2638 I am currently standing by for further update from you and would like to know how things are going. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know.

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