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Microsoft Azure Speech Studio TTS project disappeared!


I used the Custom Voice service of Azure to train a Text-to-speech (TTS) AI successfully, it was completed around February 2022.

I used to open the project "vt2" on my Speech Studio frontpage to work on the project, it was good around two weeks ago 7th of May 2022. However, today I open it again and it disappeared!!


The error message is "The page you requested cannot be found", this is frustrating!!!

Can something from Microsoft tell me what happened with my project? How could data disappear from my Microsoft Azure account? I spent time and money, hire a voice actor worked many hours creating training data and trained with many hours of Azure AI service hours and now it simply disappear!!


I do not have a technical support service at this time, so I try to find help in the forum.

Thank you if anyone can give me some advice on what happened and where to get help? Is anyone from Microsoft to give me some advice and resolutions?


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The Microsoft Build conference is this week. Most teams have been deploying things the last two weeks in preparation for this conference. With that in mind, it's possible this team made a breaking change and haven't realized it yet. I highly recommend reaching out to the Azure support team by creating a support ticket: (there is also a support option in the azure portal on the left side list of your resource).

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Thanks for the response!

I will try to create a support ticket, but I am not a support service subscriber at this time, hopefully, I can still get the message through...

We are grateful if someone from Microsoft can bring up this Q&A message to the right people. Thanks!

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