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Creating Question Answer Bot not responding

I have created a custom question answer knowledge base and tested on language studio. It is working fine and sending a response on language studio, but when I deploy and create a bot, and then 'Test in Web Chat' it is not responding. On inspecting the network, I found out that it is sending an error response.

"error": {
"code": "BotError",
"message": "Failed to send activity: bot returned an error"
"httpStatusCode": 500

Payload Status Code: 502

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Hello @ShivaniBokadia-6372

Thanks for reaching out to us. I have seen a simialr issue which has been fixed:

Could you please check on above issue to see if that helps?


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I built the bot using no code.. found out that the issue is with NodeJS version of the bot. It worked when I chose C sharp instead. Kindly look into the issue with NodeJS.

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