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xamarin play media (Video) in listview

I have a listview that contains videoview but I have a problem sometimes it is a single video that is displayed sometimes no video is displayed it is only the song that I hear if you wanted to overcome this

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The tag "small-basic" is for Technical questions about Microsoft Small Basic, the only text-based language and IDE built for students to learn to code

Please remove the tag "small-basic" as your question in not about Small Basic

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Hi @AmadouSeybou-4795, I'm not sure how did you play the video in listview. May I ask which platform are you having issues on, and would you mind sharing some code snippets?

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I inserted the video view the list view and I binder the itemsource of the listview to a list of media in the code behind and the source of the video has a Property VideoUrl.I send the piece of code it is a live streaning application that I should do so for a first time I would like how the mediais will be displayed in the listview

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You want to display the video by webview or any video libraries? And you want to display the video on each cell instead of a new page?

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