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Remote desktop management service is failing to start (Using SQL DB instead of internal DB)

Hi guys,

Last weekend, we had a problem with our RDS Brokers. Both brokers weren't able to start the service "Remote Desktop Management". We figured out the solution, but I would like to share it with other users out there.

Remote desktop management service will try to connect to your database. If the service can't connect, the service will time out and failed to start. In our case, we were using SQL with High availability; we were having some problems with SQL HA and we removed all SQL HA settings (group availability) to start over SQL HA. We missed to update the connections string for RDS DB. This setting you can update from Database setting -> connection string in High availability settings of RDS Deployment, therefore, the server wasn't able to connect to the database; the broker service was trying to connect to SQL HA server and it didn't exist anymore. We had to update our SQL HA DNS record and set it to the IP address of DB server. As soon as we did that, it took like 5-10 minutes to propagate to our network, the service started right away and we were able to see our RDS settings and people were able to connect to their apps.

The logs didn't provide to much information about this. I am glad someone mentioned about internal database when I was looking for possible solutions. It made me look into our database and figured it out the problem.

This is no a question, but it may help people with this problem in the future.


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