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Video call P2P with two different ACS identity


Is it possible to generate a P2P call considering there is 2 different ACS identity Id? If so, how to have it in the same call without a group call attribute (groupId)?


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Thanks for reaching here! Could you provide more details on the scenario? Are there only 2 ACS users with 2 endpoints on single ACS resource?
What does make the call group call, if there are only 2 participants? Please let us know to help you better on this.

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Hi @SnehaAgrawal-MSFT ,

Yes, there are 2 end users having 2 different ACS identity (from the same ACS instance) connecting to the same ACS instance. Since I will always accommodate 2 end users, not sure how to get them to communicate each other when they click on Video call link considering P2P call?
Is it also a best practice to always have individual ACS identity for each participant on the same ACS resource?


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