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Code issue

PLease help as the project below does not re-create the EDI file expectedly.!Ai8CrEskdewXxmL_TwBJsnHM3ku0?e=wwaOVW!Ai8CrEskdewXxl9H1gNenkBEsg5L?e=kBCQdN!Ai8CrEskdewXxmCDNIKiJshQ-hPn?e=Fan84H

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@Jackson1990-7147, Welcome to Microsoft Q&A, What is EdI file? How do you open the EDI file? Could you tell me what is your current problem about re-creating the EDI file?

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1st shared file is the VS project.
2nd and 3rd shared files in above, are the EDI files.

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@Jackson1990-7147, thanks for the reponse, I have seen the EDI files you uploaded to Onedrive. However, I still don't know where is used for and how we open it. As usual, what is its application scenario?

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