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Full question text not showing on PVA BOT

Dear Friends ,

I am at beginner level working on PVA. I have a small doubt.

In Power Virtual Agent , my full question text is not visible fully. Though in canvas I gave my full question text.

Only limited char's alone showing while testing the BOT & even after publishing.

Is there any Char limitation? . or does this related to any settings issue?

Please help to give your inputs.



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@KarthikeyanShanmugam-2093 The tag azure-bot-service primarily supports questions about the Azure bot framework SDK & composer. In this case, Power Virtual Agent bots are actually handled by a separate forum that is available here. It would be great if you could post the question on these forums as you would get a faster response from experts in the PVA community. Thanks!!

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Noted & thanks for the info @romungi-MSFT

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