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Task Scheduler : schedule recording a meeting with xbox game bar?

Initial Target : automate recording a Zoom meeting with Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10.

An old scholar from my hometown in Africa offers interesting meetings on Zoom, but he only knows how to open the App (apparently someone set it up for him and shared the meeting link). He humbly apologized about his lack of technical skills as I tried to show him how he can record and upload the meetings, and allowed all visitors to record and share on their own. Most of the time I am not able to attend due to work or college, so I wondered if it's possible to (task-)schedule :

  • if the PC is off, turn it on and log on, if the user is logged off, log on // this is optional

  • opening the Zoom meeting and,

  • recording it with the Xbox game bar,

  • turn everything off after 2 hours.

The first part seemed easy with executing the meeting link in firefox.exe, but then it started doing so in the background.
The second part is the tricky one : I can't seem to find the executable of the Xbox Game Bar and if i would, which argument will launch a screen video recording is beyond my shallow knowledge.
So I switched to a simple .vbs script with sendKeys function, but the Windows key isn't supported (hotkey combination for recording is win+alt+R). Changing the hotkey combination in Xbox Game Bar won't work either, and it seems that a lot of people can't get custom hotkeys to function.

Every help you provide regarding a solution to the target is very much appreciated. If you could also point out what did go wrong with my line of thought/ experiment, please do so too.

Kind regards,

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