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thunderbolt 3 daisy chain problem

I have been trying to daisy chain using thunderbolt3.

I recently bought 2 ORICO 9558t3 for HDD extension.

the 2 external HDD unit works properly when seperately connected to the thunderbolt3 port alone.

but whenever i try to connect the 2 units together using the daisy chain.
i get BSOD driver_irql_equal_not_less

i reinstalled thunderbolt related drivers and all windows updates and tried to make sure everything is up to date. sfc scannow also showed no problems.

but the problem still persists. the exact moment the HDD indicators lights are on. the BSOD comes out.

the cables i m using outof the box thunderbolt3 cables provided.

when connected to one unit alone i can access 5 HDD with the DP display function without any problems.(both of the unit works fine this way)

i only placed one harddrive in each unit for testing(and also without using DP port). both HDD are in perfect working order if i connect them using other external docks. and they also work flawlessly when the orico connect to t3 port of the computer alone.

the only problem is i could never get the two units daisy chain together successfully without bluescreen.

my laptop is alienware 51m. i9-9900k
(which supports thunderbolt 3)
my system is windows home 10 64bit 21H1

was wondering if anyone can give me some advices of what to do

thank you!

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I consulted ORICO support saying this is a known issue maybe due to imcompability of the device chipset jmb585 with windows(maybe storage control drivers?) but there is no solution just yet.

i was hoping if anyone can suggest any workarounds? or tweaking the drivers or anything to avoid the storachi.sys error?

i read about storachi.sys error usually occur to ahci drivers. but i checked in BIO my system is running raid by default. should i try to tweak registry and change to ahci mode to see if the chained device would work?

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