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Bug report: PDB file handle leaked if process ends while properties window open

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch Process Explorer.

  2. Open another tool that allows you to observe Process Explorer's open file handles. (This could be a second instance of Process Explorer).

  3. Launch a process that has a corresponding .pdb file.

  4. Double-click the process in Process Explorer and switch to the Threads tab.

  5. Observe that Process Explorer opens the exe's pdb file.

  6. Close the properties window.

  7. Observe that Process Explorer closes the exe's pdb file.

  8. Double-click the process again to reopen the window and view its threads.

  9. Kill the process.

  10. Close the properties window.

  11. Observe that Process Explorer still has open the exe's pdb file.

The only way to regain write access to the pdb file now is to quit Process Explorer. This bug reproduces on at least v16.26 and v16.43.

I am not the only person experiencing this bug:

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