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Trying to create a Teams meeting, but get "Forbidden"

I have created an Azure AD application using work email account, and now trying to allow my app users to create MS Teams meetings, after authenticating their accountswith my app. But I always get this error as a response for a post request to: ""

"error": {
"code": "Forbidden",
"message": "An error has occurred.",
"innerError": {
"date": "2022-05-25T04:52:58",
"request-id": "418863b2-8c12-47d0-8be7-bcd53b24db79",
"client-request-id": "38cc0c95-b9ae-a706-9f1c-e24d75aa07cd"

am getting same erorr on running same at graph explorer

decoded token and permissions granted were205259-screenshot-from-2022-05-23-16-04-15.png attached205240-screenshot-from-2022-05-24-10-14-59.png

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Hi @sanu-9952, I tried to reproduce your problem but it worked fine for me. Due to a similar issue it can be solved by creating an app registration with another account. So please try this method.

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Hi @sanu-9952, I wanna check if the problem is solved, if you still need any help please feel free to comment here.

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We are looking into this issue, we will update you.

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@sanu-9952 - We tried creating an online meeting and were able to create it successfully. Below are the screenshots of meeting creation and permissions.



As mentioned in this issue, it seems like there is an issue with the user type. Could you please confirm if your user type is member or guest?

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