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Visual Studio 2022 Profiler Blank

Visual Studio 2022 provides blank result while profiling and also blank after profiling. When trying to open saved report using "open with" option, there was no suggestion for visual studio 2022. Also, opening report with visual studio 2017 shows result.


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Hi @MdNiazMahmud-0233 , welcome to Microsoft Q&A forum. Does repairing VS from VS Installer solve this issue? Did you install any component like .NET profiling tools, C++ profiling tools from VS Installer for VS 2022?

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Thank you @TianyuSun-MSFT for your response. I have tried repairing VS, but it didn't work. And, .NET profiling tools, C++ profiling tools are installed in my PC. This issue also happens with 2 of my friends PC.

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Hi @MdNiazMahmud-0233 , I tried to create two different types of projects and collect the profiler information into the .diagsession file by using VS 2017, and then opened it with VS 2022, both of them correctly opened. May I ask what kind of project are you using? And did you install the same workload into VS 2022 as into VS 2017(maybe not necessary, just to confirm)? If you performed some other operations I may miss, please let me know, and I will try to reproduce this issue on my side.

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