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I have two questions to ask

This forum is always a life saver when I need something and that is why here I am again. I have two questions. Hope someone will have some answer.

First, I have users who access some weblink which needs authentication means id and password but it is same as the user's login credential to the computer which is in a domain environment. Problem is that, when user trying to get that weblink, it still ask user id and password though it is same as I mentioned. Is there a way to get this saved so that id does not ask user when user login to the site. But if user login once, it does not ask until user log out. I have checked Edge settings to save the password, it all looks good but still not working.

Second, when user drag a pdf file to word, it creates the icon of the pdf file in the word doc. when I try to open the pdf file from the word file, I double click the icon and it opens the pdf file. In this scenario it open in the background of word file but it should be the foreground of word file. I have to minimize the word file or click the pdf file in taskbar to get it in the foreground. I am struggling to get an answer.

Many Many advance thanks.

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You have two questions. It is recommended that you make two posts. The first question concerns Edge, I add tags about Edge, and the second question is mainly about the settings of Windows windows,I add tags about Windows.I remove the tag office-word-itpro.

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Hi @DHoss-6479
Regarding the first question mentioned, does it save the password in Edge settings but not automatically log into the site, still requires authentication? If this is the case, this is a normal result. Because this feature just auto-fills saved passwords when you visit the site, not auto-login to the site. And you need to enter the device password as authentication to complete the autofill password. So when you log out, you need to authenticate to perform the next steps. For more details, please refer to this doc.

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