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Timestamp Errors in Autorunsc

The output of autorunsc contains timestamp anomalies when compared with Autoruns. Note the following entries in the GUI vs. the output of autorunsc.exe -a c. The output was produced using Autoruns 14.09 contained in the Sysinternals Suite installed from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 Pro build 19041.685.


Timestamps in the resulting output from "autorunsc.exe -a * -ct -o autoruns_allentries.tsv -nobanner" range from 1902 to 2037.


I have also tested Autoruns 14.09 from and the Sysinternals Suite app in the Microsoft Store on a Windows 10 Home build 19044.1706 with timestamp results from 1904 to 2037.

Can this be user error?

Thanks for your time and attention.

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