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Is there a problem with Fedora 36 and mssql-service?


After I updated my SO from Fedora 35 to Fedora 36 I'm unable to use my mssql-service because the application throws this error starting up:

This program has encountered a fatal error and cannot continue running at Tue May 24 21:39:25 2022
The following diagnostic information is available:

      Reason: 0x00000001
      Signal: SIGSEGV - Violación de segmento (11)
              IP               Function
              ---------------- --------------------------------------
              00005640417e71fc <unknown>
              00005640417e6c42 <unknown>
              00005640417f85a6 <unknown>
              0000564041765fbb <unknown>
              00007f05327dba70 __restore_rt+0x0
              0000000000000000 <unknown>
              0000564041773dbe <unknown>
              0000564041762264 <unknown>
              0000564041762089 <unknown>
     Process: 6661 - sqlservr
      Thread: 6777 (application thread 0x1ec)
 Instance Id: 04673102-0b1a-4894-8cd9-92be27b9bb35
    Crash Id: 594b8db5-20b2-4c11-859c-12395df8040a
 Build stamp: 9bfe858b7e29ec03e0f36cf793ad28472d12009808e66516956e6886957f8750

Distribution: Fedora Linux 36 (Workstation Edition)
Processors: 8
Total Memory: 33404657664 bytes
Timestamp: Tue May 24 21:39:25 2022

I haven't find any option to fix it, even, I tried to reinstall version 2017 and 2019 but doesn't work.
Can anyone help me with this please?

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Hi @DanielAndrsZapataBello-6862,

The “office-teams-linux-itpro” tag is for general questions about Teams client on Linux. Since from the description you question is not related to Teams, I’ll remove the tag “office-teams-linux-itpro”. Thanks for your understanding.

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