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Logic Apps Custom connector

I have created a Logic apps custom connector to connect to a SOAP web service at StudyLink. I converted the wsdl to an open api 2.0 json format and created the connector using this file. I am not using API Manager, just have the custom connector.

But when I go to use the connector and call the login end point, it gives the below error:

Establishing connection with the service failed with code 'DMTS_EncryptClusterCredentialsErrorCode'.

I can connect from SOAP UI and other code sources but not from Azure, any ideas why?

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@MatthewBell-9563 Thanks for reaching out. As per the error it looks like the error is due to the OPDG (on-premises data gateway). Can you please confirm if you are using the OPDG? In case if you are using the OPDG then plese make sure that you have same location as where you have registered the actual on-premise data gateway-service and logic app.

If the above is not the case, then this needs to be troubleshoot over one on one support.

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