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EXCEL Command Button: Copy data, paste data to next empty row , delete original data, save & compile copied data on Sharepoint

Hello, I have a spreadsheet uploaded to Sharepoint that will be used repeatedly as an ongoing form / log. I would like the following to occur when I click the Command Button:
1. All entered data is copied from Worksheet1 to Worksheet2
2. All copied data on Worksheet2 must be copied to the next empty row so that each time the form is used, the data is saved for future reference.
3. All entered data on Worksheet 1 is cleared but the formulas remain for the next use, HOWEVER the data on Worksheet2 must always remain and compile with each new use.

Current functionality:
1. The command button opens an Outlook email draft and attaches the Workbook
2. V-Lookup copies the data from Worksheet1 to Worksheet2

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