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Windows autopilot using non microsoft certificate authority


I have an onpremises certificate authority which is not windows based and does not support native ndes solution, however does provide a scep endpoint which is accessible from corporate network only.

I want to device certificates which will be used for vpn.

Has anyone came across this scenario or have any suggestions how device certificates can be issued.

Any suggestions or pointers will be of great help

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@VarunAggarwal-9388, Thanks for posting in Q&A.

During Autopilot ESP phase, the certificate profile deployed can be SCEP certificate or PKCS certificate.

After researching, I find both the SCEP and PKCS needs CA to be on windows server.

For your situation, you can feedback to uservoice to see if the new feature can be added: for non-windows CA as well.

Thanks for the understanding.

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