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MariaDB Hybrid Synchronization Top 3 Scenarios

What are top 3 scenarios for MariaDB hybrid synchronization?

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Hi @MorrisQibou-3145, welcome to Microsoft Q&A forum.

As I understand you would like to know the basic scenario when to use Hybrid Synchronization in Azure MariaDB.

As the definition of it mentions "With Data-in Replication, you can keep data synchronized between your on-premises servers and Azure Database for MariaDB. This synchronization is useful for creating hybrid applications. This method is appealing when you have an existing local database server, but want to move the data to a region closer to end users."

So if we have user base located across globe and we would want to reduce the db connection latency based on user's locations then we can opt for it. Again we cannot eliminate the on-premises server as thats the backbone and primary server through which other servers will get synced.

Another scenario could be reporting requirements where we want to maintain the reporting data in azure but our application is still using the on-premise database. In this case we can point all our reporting applications to use the azure maria db and it will be synced with on-premise like mentioned before.

In a nutshell, we would opt to use this feature when we want to make our data available based on closest location to end users.

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