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SCCM remote session locking remote device


We have SCCM (below details) installed on a Jump servers and we use it to connect to clients deployed in our environment.
In order to connect to the devices, we connect to the Jump server first using PAM and then to the devices.

Environment - SCCM2010 v5.2010.1093.3100 & Client 5.00.9040.1044
Deployed to Win 10-64bit Enterprise.
Locally installed SCCM Remote Control software v5.00.9040.1044

My problem is if I am connected to a device and DO NOT disconnect from the session, but simply disconnect from the jump server instead, the device I am connected to gets locked out.
I do not want it to lock out, instead I just need the SCCM session to just disconnect but not lock the remote machine out.

How can that be done ?

Thanks in advance.

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