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MSIX from Flutter Build published in MS Store -> Add dependencies + removing files when app is reseted

Hey there,
I am developing an app with flutter framework.
I already published it in MS Store. When is wanted to submit a newer version it was revised because of missing dependencies.
I uploaded a MSIX packaged created from build files.
So I'd like to know how I can add dependencies.
The first one is libsodium.dll which needs to be copied to C:\Windows\System32
The second one is the VSRedistributable.

My app creates a subfolder within C:\<user>\Documents and creates files in there.
A request was to delete those files if the app is reseted within MS Windows settings -> Apps.
How can I achieve this?

Thank you very much.

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Generally, you need to include the dlls inside your app package and then create the MSIX package and upload it.

A request was to delete those files if the app is reset within MS Windows settings -> Apps.

No, you need to do it by yourself. The reset button will only clean the local data and settings of the app. You will have to remove the files manually after your app has been reset.

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